April 12, 2011

>Tweet the Silence on April 15th

>Tweet, not speak.
On the Day of Silence. Friday, April 15 we want to get as many people as possible to tweet about DOS as much as you can to help spread the word about its importance. Here's how you can participate:

1) Sign Up on Twitter! It's easy to get a Twitter account, just CLICK HERE to get started.

2) Get a Twibbon! CLICK HERE to add the stylish Day of Silence twibbon for your Twitter icon to let others know that you're supporting the Day of Silence.

3) Use the #DayofSilence Hashtag! Hashtags are words starting with # and create easily searchable posts. It makes it so that Day of Silence supporters can find your tweet! Each time you update, be sure to include #DayofSilence somewhere in the tweet.

4) Tweet all day on April 15! You can tweet about anything Day of Silence related. Tweet what you’re doing for DOS. Tweet how many students are participating at your school. Tweet the different ways you’re getting support. Tweet if you’re holding a Breaking the Silence event. Tweet about how many buttons you’re wearing. Tweet about the reactions of your classmates. Just keep the tweets coming!

IMPORTANT! If you are a student in middle or high school, make sure you only tweet during times that your school permits. Tweet in the morning before school starts, at lunch (if allowed) and especially after school.

Tweet Chat LIVE Friday!
We’ll have a team tweet-in on Friday afternoon in solidarity with all the hundreds of thousands of students participating in the Day of Silence. We’ll do our best to keep up with your questions. Stay tuned to @DayofSilence on Twitter for more information!

How does Twitter work? Learn more with this video.


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