November 06, 2009

>South Carolina 8th Grader Talks About Experiences with Anti-LGBT Bullying

>13-year-old Lane is an 8th grader from Columbia, S.C., who has decided to tell his heartbreaking story of experiencing anti-LGBT bullying in school. Kudos to local TV station WIS News 10 for helping to raise awareness about one of the most common forms of bullying in school.

How Lane identifies is unclear, though the mother says he is not gay. His identity, of course, is besides the point and completely irrelevant. Anti-LGBT bullying and harassment in school is a pervasive problem that affects LGBT and straight students.

Lane says he's always been different. In the last year, putdowns from other students have become more hostile and much more personal.

"I've been called gay, queer." When he's called the F-word that ends with the letter G, "It can really affect someone in how you look at yourself in the mirror every morning."

Watch the news segment here.


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