July 08, 2009

>Sirdeaner Walker Testifies About Bullying: "This has got to stop."

>Sirdeaner Walker, mother of Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, testified before two congressional subcommittees this morning in Washington D.C..

"I did everything that a parent is supposed to: I chose a "good" school; I joined the PTO; I went to every parent-teacher conference; I called the school regularly and brought the bullying problem to the staff's attention. And the school did not act. The teachers did not know how to respond."

"After Carl died, I could have stayed at home and mourned him, but instead, I've chosen to get involved, to speak out about school bullying - and I have learned a lot in a short time.

And the most important thing I've learned is that bullying is not an inevitable part of growing up. It can be prevented. And there isn't a moment to lose. "

Read Sirdeaner's full testimony here.


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