March 29, 2010

>Order Customized Day of Silence T-shirts By Wednesday to Ensure Pre-Day of Silence Delivery

>Order customized T-shirts here.

What's the best part of Day of Silence? Raising awareness about anti-LGBT bullying and harassment in schools, and encouraging others to take a stand for equality with you.

What's the second best part of Day of Silence? Fighting anti-LGBT discrimination and looking snazzy at the same time, of course!

Students, educators and supporters can order their Day of Silence t-shirts--and if they want to, customize the shirts to feature the name of their school, Gay-Straight Alliance or other student club. But, be sure to order them soon, so they reach you before the Day of Silence on April 16! The last day to order customized shirts is March 31 (this Wednesday).

The t-shirts are produced and sold by our friends at Nightsweats and T-Cells, a design and printing company in Cleveland, Ohio. Not only are they fantastic longtime supporters of the Day of Silence, but they do lots of great work raising awareness about LGBT rights and HIV/AIDS through clothing and other custom-made materials.

So, to recap: if you order Day of Silence t-shirts for you and your peers, you'll help to spread the message about the Day of Silence in your school and community, you'll be supporting an LGBT-friendly and socially aware company, and you'll look (even more) awesome on the Day of Silence. That's a win-win-win situation!

Just in case you missed it, the link to the t-shirt order form is here.

Don't forget--those who register for the Day of Silence online can receive free organizing and promotional materials, such as Day of Silence buttons, wristbands, stickers and message cards. (However, if you're so excited to get these items that you just can't wait, they're all available on the GLSEN online store!)


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