May 03, 2013

Is it my fault that I'm bullied?

This post is by GLSEN Student Ambassador Amelia I will never forget the day when someone at school ran by me and yelled an anti-gay slur. I was numb, unable to comprehend what was said. My mind flirted with the idea that somehow, it was my fault, that by being proud of who I am, I deserved this. For the rest of the day, I didn't say a single word to anyone. I was too ashamed at how guilty I felt. When I finally told a friend a week later, she was shocked not only by the cruel words I'd heard, but also by how long I'd stayed silent. I told her that somehow, I felt like I’d brought those words on myself. If I had done something differently, that person wouldn't have yelled that anti-gay slur. This story may seem like it’s crafted simply to fit with Day of Silence, but it’s not. It's a true story of the shame one feels after hearing insults thrown at them, and the silence that follows. This experience is why I’m choosing to participate in Day of Silence, not just because I want to make a point that this bullying needs to stop, but also so I can stand with other victims of anti-LGBT name-calling. I hope you will stand with me. If you'd like to help GLSEN support students like Amelia through Day of Silence and other programs, you can make a tax-deductible donation today.


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