January 12, 2010

>GLSEN's Big Idea if We Win $1 Million Through Chase Community Giving

>What would you do with a million dollars?

This was the task handed to the Top 100 charities in Chase Community Giving. We at GLSEN had one goal in mind when contemplating that question: Make the biggest impact for the most students possible. Then we thought, why stop there? Why not come up with something that could potentially benefit every student in the country?

GLSEN's Big Idea is to send our newly updated Safe Space Kit to every middle and high school in the country, public and private.

We want every school in the country to have a guide to help educators create safe spaces for LGBT youth in school that also provides concrete strategies for supporting LGBT students, educating about anti-LGBT bullying and advocating for changes in schools.

So if you help us win $1 million by voting for us Friday, Jan15-22, we will provide every middle and high school in the country with a resource to make schools safer for every student.

Because every student deserves a safe space. And safe spaces save lives.

Please tell all your friends: http://tinyurl.com/voteglsen. Join our event page at http://tinyurl.com/GLSENChaseEvent.

Also, please vote for our partners Matthew Shepard Foundation and The Trevor Project.


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