May 15, 2014

GLSEN, Other Groups Ask Dept. of Ed. to Clarify Title IX Guidance for Trans Youth

Today, a diverse group of 46 education, civil rights, youth development, and mental health organizations have signed on to a letter lead by GLSEN and a coalition of other members thanking the Department of Education Office for Civil Rights (OCR)  for continuing their work to ensure that all students have equal access to education, regardless of background, circumstances, or identity. OCR recently clarified that Title IX protections against sex-based discrimination extend to discrimination based on gender identity and failure to conform to sex stereotypes.

GLSEN, the coalition members, and undersigned organizations will continue to ask OCR to clarify the scope of Title IX’s prohibition on discrimination based on a student’s gender identity, transgender status, or gender transition. The specific request is clarifying that the law:

  • Requires schools to respect students’ gender identity for all purposes;
  • Protects the private nature of a student’s transgender status;
  • Requires existing dress code policies to be enforced based on a student’s gender identity and gender expression;
  • Ensures access to all school programs, activities, and facilities based on gender identity; and
  • Obligates schools to offer participation on athletic teams based on gender identity. 

You can find a copy of the letter in its entirety here

Sarah Munshi

About Sarah Munshi

Sarah is GLSEN's Public Policy Associate based in Washington, D.C.

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