June 20, 2011

>GLSEN Featured on SnagFilms for Pride Month

>Since June is LGBT Pride Month, SnagFilms has devoted a page to GLSEN and is donating proceeds to GLSEN for everyone who visits their website. Want a simple and effortless way to donate $1 to GLSEN? Just visit this link and "Like" or "tweet" the film "Fagbug" on the GLSEN page. It's that simple! For the rest of the month you can visit GLSEN's page and watch documentaries like "Fagbug," "Caught in the Crossfire" and "Equality U" for free!

Here is a brief synopsis of each film.

"Fagbug" follows grad student, Erin Davies, as she takes a road-trip across the United States in her VW Beetle that was vandalized with homophobic slurs. On her voyage, she evokes many reactions and opens up dialogue about gay rights.

"Caught in the Crossfire" profiles children and teens whose parents are gay. They talk about their opinions and share their stories about having gay parents.

"Equality U" documents a group of college-aged activists on their "Soulforce Equality Ride" around to different Christian universities and colleges known for having strict anti-gay rules, including being thrown-out of school. The group faces some tough restrictions from many schools on their journey, but are also able to ignite discussions.

All three of the films show just how powerful starting dialogue about LGBT issues can be. Be sure to check out GLSEN's page on Snag Films and enjoy these documentaries until the end of June. And don't forget to click "Like" and tweet about it while you're watching to donate $1 to GLSEN!


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