June 18, 2013

Gathering Support from our Principal: Dana's Day of Silence Story

In our last GSA meeting, our principal come in to participate and listen to what our GSA does and what ideas we have for Day of Silence.  He was very supportive of our group and of the Day of Silence, and made many of us feel reassured that we could pursue and educate other students and teachers on an issue that has significant meaning to us.

We had the opportunity to ask him a ton of questions, like: "Can we wear Day of Silence gear?" "Can we show a video during the announcements  and have discussions about what the students saw?" And, "Do teachers have the right to make students participating in the Day of Silence talk in class that day?"*  We were able to show our principal different videos, including the GLSEN video with Wanda Sykes, and he was able to give us more information and insight on what would be allowed in our school for that day.

Our GSA will be creating a formal proposal to give him, but we now know we are allowed to participate in the Day of Silence with the support and confidence of our principal.

Dana B.
Omaha, NE

*Make sure you know your rights before participating in the Day of Silence

Christoph Sawyer

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