April 19, 2010

>Day of Silence is over. Now what?

>Last Friday, many of you participated in the National Day of Silence. Thanks to all of your amazing work we are able to say that this was the largest Day of Silence in history! Your silent demonstration brought awareness to the silencing effects of anti-LGBT bullying and harassment in schools. Congrats!

But don't stop there. Day of Silence is just the beginning! Read below for some tips and ideas on what you can do to keep the movement going. And make sure to read to the end where we announce the date for the Day of Silence in 2011.

Tell us your story
We love to hear how you celebrated the Day of Silence. How many people participated? Were your teachers supportive? What did you do to Break the Silence? Let us know! Click here to fill out the feedback form on studentorganizing.org.

Silence in the Classroom
We are sorry to hear that several students faced negative consequences because of their participation in the Day of Silence at school. While students have the right to not speak between classes and before/after school, students DO NOT have the right to remain silent during instructional time.

Although it is upsetting if you were punished because you remained silent during class, it is not against the law. Some teachers grant permission for students to uphold their vow of silence in class, but teachers are not required to do so. We always recommend discussing your participation with your teacher before the Day of Silence. Please see more about your legal rights during the Day of Silence by clicking here (PDF).

If you still feel your rights were denied during the Day of Silence, please contact the Lambda Legal Help Desk at 212-809-8585 or 866-542-8336.

Stay tuned!
We'll email you with announcements about upcoming Days of Action, and ways that you can keep your organizing going all year long! Make sure to read the emails from info@studentorganizing.org and to stay tuned to the Day of Silence Facebook Page and @DayofSilence on Twitter for exciting news!

Drum roll, please…!
And the date for the next Day of Silence will be…Friday, April 15, 2011! Mark your calendars now and start brainstorming for ideas for next year’s event! You can RSVP now at the official Day of Silence 2011 Facebook Event.

Thank you again for your participation in the Day of Silence. Don’t let your work stop now. There are many ways you can continue your work to make your school safer. Through your continued organizing, we hope you are leading conversations and building action to change the climate of your schools to be a place where all students - regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression - can learn in a safe and supportive environment.

Congratulations on your success!


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