March 21, 2011

>Day of Silence Organizer #3: Spread the Word

>The Day of Silence, Friday, April 15, is fast approaching and it's time to get organizing! Each week we'll post tips to help you plan your Day of Silence activities.

Goals for March 21-25

We’re less than ONE MONTH away from Day of Silence! Now that you know what your DOS event is going to look like, it’s time to let everyone know. Split up outreach tasks among your team members so that you each can contribute to getting the word out.

  • Posters: Design posters to put up around school. Make sure to include the name of your club, the date of the event and contact info so people can get involved. And you can hold a party to design posters as a group.
  • Notify the Press: How do you tell the local news about your event? With a Press Release! It's easy to write a press release. Write a letter that explains the importance of the Day of Silence and include the important details of your event or activities, like the date, time and location. It's also good to incorporate a quote from a student affected by anti-LGBT bullying, a GSA leader or advisor or the school's principal. Send a Press Release to your local newspaper, television and radio news channels.
  • Fundraising: Do you need money for supplies, promotional materials, DOS t-shirts? Begin fundraising by this week. Ask family members, businesses or community organizations for donations. You could plan a raffle or a bake sale.
  • Follow Up: At this point it’s probably good to start having short meetings with your DOS Team every week. Schedule a time where you call can follow-up on your tasks. Can’t meet in person? Set up Yahoo or AIM chat to keep in touch!
  • And don’t forget to schedule a team meeting for next week!

If you have any questions or ideas, or if you want to tell us what you’re planning for your Day of Silence please email us at

And don't forget to join the conversation on the Day of Silence Facebook Page and @DayofSilence on Twitter.


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