June 09, 2010

>And the American Idol Winner is... a Gay Advocate?

>I've never been the biggest American Idol or Clay Aiken fan, but there is really something great about his recent website change. Yeah, the design is fabulous and up-to-date, but his “causes” tab really caught my eye. He added GLSEN! That’s right America, your idol from 2003 supports safe schools! Looking back I’m pretty ashamed that my vote was for Ruben Studdard, but who knew Clay was going to come outwell, uh, who knew Clay was going to turn out to be a supporter of safe schools?

Here is a glimpse of his cute new website (take note at that big ol’ GLSEN logo):

Moving on, here are some stories I’ve found about Safe Schools that may interest you:

All the way over in Brighton, England, a gay student activist was selected to run for a local council seat.

Link: http://news.pinkpaper.com/NewsStory.aspx?id=3143

Four St. George High Schools in Delaware are going to add GSAs to its extracurricular activities.

Bias-Motivated Beating at a Washington State School Raises Safety Questions

That's all I have for now, but I promise you I'll keep on the lookout for more articles about students out there working to help end bullying and harassment. If that is our common goal, than we'll be able to reach it together. Stay connected and get involved with GLSEN on Facebook and Twitter.

Your friend in the movement,

Christian Fuscarino


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